You cannot out train a bad diet

Many people have the wrong perception, that if they just exercise then they don’t need to worry about eating healthy!

Whether you want to gain muscles, lose fat, live healthy or even compete at the highest levels of sports, what will help you to achieve your goal is always the right NUTRITION.

Poor nutrition is what will hold you back, whereas, good nutrition is what will keep you moving forward. Good nutrition is what will feed your muscles and shed fats; it’s what will improve nearly every measurable health marker. It significantly improves body recovery and mood states, so you can exercise – whether its purposeful or just part of your daily lifestyle – harder, longer and more frequently. Good nutrition is what will get you the body you never thought you could ever have. However, it is not just eating less sugary desserts, eating more vegetables and fruits, eating less meat or less carbs,all these definitions are incomplete and flat out wrong. So what does good nutrition do?

  • It properly controls energy balance (relationship between energy intake and energy output)
  • It provides nutrient density (food that provides substantial amounts of nutrients with the necessary calories)
  • It achieves healthy body composition (relationship between lean body mass of bones water and muscles with fat mass) and performance goal (functioning on a high level).

Good nutrition is honest and outcome based: being honest with yourself and sticking to the right plan, as well as having the right physique and health profile.

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