Healthy Eating

Publications often mislead us about what is healthy and what is not. For example, Muesli bars are usually categorized as a healthy snack, but are they really that healthy?

Often they don’t mention that gluten, lactose, e-numbers, soda, vets, etc are all ingredients that you can find in these bars, which are all ingredients that can easily cause problems to your digestive system, can lead to a hormone imbalance or even stimulate your appetite which can result in some people over eating and becoming overweight.

Most of the people who are overweight have too much tummy fat. Fat that is located between all vital organs, such as the stomach, liver, intestines and kidneys.
Numerous research studies have proved, that there is a very clear connection between this belly fat and many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.

People that are over-weight tend to easily and more often fall ill and have a shorter life expectancy as well. Research shows that people who are obese live at least 7 years less than people that maintain a healthy weight. Besides the physical issues, a lot of mental issues increase up to 55%, by being obese This is quite a significant number isn’t it? How this happens and what we can do about it are the things I will write about in my next blogs. I start by explaining a bit about the most used ingredients in our diets that are quite toxic for your body!
My goal is to educate people a bit more about how we are able to create a healthy, happy, vital life and enjoy it in the process. Live longer for yourself!

It is not to scare you from having a good dinner and an enjoyable life, not at all, on the contrary, with this information you are able to make little changes in your life that might be necessary in a very easy and enjoyable way!

Carin Huibers – Certified Naturopathic Therapist & Founder of Omnia Balance Foundation. Carin is a certified naturopathic therapist, and the founder of Omnia balance. She helps and supports people in their process of (re) establishing balance, inner peace and vitality in their lives. Besides being a certified naturopathic therapist, she is also gifted with abilities that support her approach towards fast individual problem solving or reaching personal targets in accordance with the person, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of development. She chooses different methods of healing, such as Natural therapy, Omnia Method, Medium-ship, Aura and chakra therapy, Quantum Touch, orthomolecular therapy, Jacket Technique, Mir, EMDR and others.

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