The Ways Of The Mind

The human mind is a fabulous thing! However, it’s also the one thing that prevents us from making positive changes in our lives. Exercising and following a healthy diet are two important aspects that contribute significantly to our well-being. But our mind has a knack of pulling us down and preventing us from embracing these lifestyle changes.

It’s true that sticking to your workout regime is easier said than done. However, it’s not impossible altogether. Determination and perseverance should get you to your goal. That said it will be easier for us the address the issue if we break it down further.

So, what are the things that our mind tells us every time we try to hit the gym or complete that 10km run?

  1. There’s no time— Yes, we’ve heard this before, more from ourselves than from others. But it’s the same 24 hours that an ace athlete has in hand. Agreed that he doesn’t have a 9–5 job and a toddler to take care of. Well, how about starting with 5 minutes of exercise instead of trying to accommodate the recommended 30 minutes? Once you form a habit, you can easily increase the duration.
  2. I will do it later— “I will start working out from the 1st of next month.” “It’s Wednesday today, I’ll go jogging from Sunday.” “It’s too hot outside!” Do some of these statements sound familiar? Yes, our minds do a fantastic job of conjuring up excuses for not exercising. The best time to start was 10-15 years ago, and the second best time is now. Just do it!
  3. I am too tired— Wonder why! Being tired is one of the best excuses for not working out. On the contrary, exercise actually works towards building stamina and alleviating stress. If you’re tired, it’s all the more reason to start exercising. It’s the sure way to get strong and stay fit.
  4. I don’t have the right sports gear— How we all love the big brands! But if you really want to work out, then any comfortable running shoes will do just fine. Maybe, if you stick to your routine for one month, your reward could be a nice pair of branded sports shoes.
  5. Exercising is too boring— Sure. If you do the same thing at the same time every day, it’s going to be boring. The best way to quieten the voices inside your head is to mix things up. Weight-training one day, cardio the next, followed with some freestyle dancing, you could even add a good stretch class or a swim. Take your pick, and, if you get a workout buddy, you’re bound to have fun together.
  6. I can’t— Classic! Yes, we often hear the ‘I can’t’ slogan from within us. You won’t know until you try. Besides, there are loads of videos and articles that can teach you how to get started, if that is your concern or even better you can sign up with a personal trainer to commit.

For every excuse that your mind comes up with, there’s a workaround to overcome the same. Exercising regularly not only makes you stronger, leaner and happier but helps you deal with a number of health issues and stressors. It clearly is a win-win situation. You simply have to get your mind to see it too!

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