Motion Ladies Fitness Center

Motion Ladies Fitness center is a boutique studio located in the heart of Jumeirah, with easy parking and a wonderful view of Burj Al Arab. It combines the latest equipment, qualified and passionate coaches and diversified classes making each workout fulfilling. You are invited to challenge yourself to become a fitter, healthier and happier you in a ladies only studio and to watch your body get transformed. Below are a few questions answered by the trainers at Motion ladies to give you a better understanding of the studio.

1)  Tell us a little bit about Motion Ladies, and what sets you guys apart from other fitness studios?

Motion, the “Fitness Villa”, is a community for Dubai Ladies to work on their lifestyle and reach their goals in a relaxing, supportive and cozy environment. Motion Fitness Center is not simply a gym; it is a home away from home, designed by women for women with an exceptionally welcoming energy, where comfort combines with great workouts, passionate coaches and diversified classes.

2)  You offer a booty barre class, a group barre class, and a total barre class- what’s the difference between all 3 classes

Booty Barre was founded by Tracey Mallet, being a dancer and PILATES teacher, she created sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses PILATES, YOGA and DANCE. An hour-long class consists of a dynamic warm up and upper bodywork, followed by 30 minutes at the Barre working in different directions with cardio blasts to keep the heart rate elevated. High energy music will keep you motivated to get in those last few reps!

Total Barre workout is an addition to the fitness world from Canadian Pilates factory STOTT. Incorporating Pilates principles with the ballet elements this workout strengthens and lengthens your body.

BARRE class has a more conventional approach on the client. Mix and match of ballet elements and old school fitness workout. Try all 3 and decide which your favorite is.

3) For those people who prefer to work out in gyms, why should they do group classes instead?

When working out in groups, you are surrounded by supportive, positive energy that motivates you to give every workout your all and finish the workout fully with every member of the group class.

4) What are the benefits of a varied workout?

It is proven that if you challenge yourself in different ways you will gain the most of it.      Focusing only on one type of exercise is not enough to be fit and healthy. For example, it would be ideal for you to work on your flexibility (yoga), cardio and strength and posture (Pilates). All of this you can experience in our beautiful studio.

5) Mat Pilates and reformer Pilates are both offered at your studio. What’s the difference between the two and which one is better?

One cannot say which is better as both are equally useful. Reformer is a Pilates machine that uses resistance springs to challenge your body while mat PILATES uses different props or your own body weight. Both focus on proper body alignment. Often clients combine these two so they don’t get bored easily.

6) We would like your top 3 tips to any lady trying to start her workout routine but unsure of how to go about it.

  • Set weekly goals for yourself.
  • Make sure your goals are realistic and clear.
  • Start slow and then gradually build up to more intense exercises.

Fitness Instructor at Motion:

Antonija Omeragic

Master of Kinesiology

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor

In her early age Antonija started to show interest for sport.  Her passion for the sport continued through college during her education at the University of Kinesiology in Zagreb, Croatia. University provided a firm foundation for an ongoing education in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Further education in Pilates (STOTT EDUCATION ) has been more than helpful in understanding human body and realizing the importance of good posture ( spine ). An on-going education is everything in the Health and Fitness Industry, and so, Antonija tries to keep up with the latest news and trends.


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