Experience the difference at A-Tone Fitness Lounge

1) Tell us a bit about A-Tone and what sets you guys apart from other studios

At A-Tone we have 3 workouts  – celebrity Pilates, cross-cuit and swing yoga.  We offer Yasmin’s secret to every Bollywood actress’ body, to help tone and change their body.  Cross-cuit is a circuit based training, only found at A-TONE, which helps in burning calories and changing the body type.  Swing yoga is yoga on a swing, great workout to really get that deep stretch in.

2) You have a Bollywood celebrity trainer as your co-founder- Why did you choose to partner with Yasmin Karachiwala?

We chose Yasmin as her method of Pilates is unique and different from others.  She has used her Pilates techniques on different celebrities such as Katrina Kaif, Depika Padokone, Alia Bhatt etc and transformed their bodies.  At A-tone our clients can have access to such workouts.

3) Given that she is based in India, what does she bring to the table and how does she influence the workouts?

All the Pilates trainers that are at A-TONE have been trained by Yasmin and follow her methods of Pilates.  She keeps visiting to refresh their methods so we have the most updates form of Pilates available here in Dubai.

4) You offer Yoga, Pilates and a hybrid workout called cross-cuit- can you explain what cross-cuit is and its benefits?

Cross-cuit is a form of circuit training, using weights and body weight workout.  It’s a combination workout working different body parts while adding in some cardio to push that heart rate up and really feel that burn, and eventually see that toned body

5) What are you top 3 tips for people who want to workout but don’t know where to start and which activity would you recommend they start with

Get a personal trainer.  Do not jump into a group class as you would be intimidated and feel pressured to catch up and can also lead to injuries.

Do a combination workout.  Mixing it up really helps the body work in different directions and keeps monotony at bay.  Do cross-cuit one day and Pilates the other, and throw in yoga once or twice a week to really see that body shape up.

Take one day as it comes.  Rome was not built in a day.  Slowly you will get fitter and stronger each day and see the change in your clothes and fitness levels

Finally, give yourself credit for starting, for making that change and not just dreaming about it!!  It’s the first step that counts the most.

In terms of how to start, Pilates is a great way to begin your workout journey.  It’s a mindful workout and not too harsh on the body.  It helps work those deep inner muscles and really burn those calories.  After this, the trainer can kick in some cardio and weights combination to keep the heart rate up and continue the burn.

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