Sanjeev Krishna Yoga Studio

1)Tell us a little bit about SKY and what sets you guys apart from other yoga studios?

SKY is an institution of self-knowledge apart from all other stretches and postures that is generally understood at Yoga centers. What is self-Knowledge? A person will never say “I feel bored /life is boring,” if he or she has started understanding oneself. We human beings are a university by itself. Not understanding this uniqueness lands up in uneasiness in all levels, diseases in all aspects of health. If ignorant – we become a patient, if knowledgeable -we become the doctors for our own self. Learning / understanding and experiencing this knowledge to mature in wisdom and getting the best of every human life is why SKY stands as a unique institution than just the physical concepts of YOGA.

2) Many people think that yoga is just stretching and breathing, in a few words can you please summarize the essence of yoga.

Yoga is not just stretching and breathing. Yoga is the art to learn how to harmonize and manage oneself in daily life. To become a master to manage , self-health, family, professional life so that all other management in life attains success. Learning, understanding and practically implementing to maintain a balance in life is the essence of YOGA.

3) In your experience what ailments has yoga cured?

YOGA can cure many ailments, rest can only treat the uneasiness of others. Learning and understanding the source of the uneasiness by the individual alone can cure diseases. Hence uneasiness of the mind manifest as diseases having the source for all the psychosomatic ailments that the modern generations suffer.

4) Yoga is such a peaceful practice; can you explain to us what Kalarippayattu is?

A mother is said to be the greatest warrior when it comes to the protection of a child. Likewise, Yoga teaches the individuals to learn the art to self-management. Kalari, being a part of Yoga teaches the art to physically defend the physical body in adverse situation’s so life can be managed with confidence, courage, strength and fearlessness and this helps to develop the personality of the person at all levels.

5) Is yoga Nidra like hypnotherapy?

Yoga Nidra is the science and art to take away the deep impression set in the sub consciousness mind of a person. Hence this knowledge helps the individual to be guided to take all these phobias, neurosis, etc. from the sub consciousness mind and help the person to blossom to a beautiful personality and to help them succeed in life with all fullness.

6) We would like your top 3 tips to anybody who wants to start yoga but unsure of how to go about it.

Initially a person can start knowing about his

  1. body, by getting to learn hatha Yoga, the traditional method,
  2. his breath [breathing techniques]
  3. his mind [art of disciplining oneself with the practice of meditation]

and gradually learn the art of developing the knowledge of himself as a person and then master the art of self-management.

About Guruji Sanjeev Krishna:














Guruji, as he is affectionately named, is a Yoga Master & Guide based in Dubai, UAE. He learnt the ancient Wisdom of Yoga by thorough practice and training under the guidance of the highly skilled Yogis. Since the tender age of 12, he trained intensively with discipline, persistence, and passion and over the years began imparting the knowledge he gained onto others. In 2003, he formally started his own yoga institution in Dubai (Certified ISO 9001), which is now known as Sanjeev Krishna Yoga. Today, he stands distinguished from other establishments who focus around only “physical workout” by embedding the most crucial component of Yoga, which is the “Act of balancing”.


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