Mad About Dance Studio


1) Tell us a bit about MAD and what sets you guys apart from other studios

MAD (Mad About Dance) is a personalized and light-hearted approach to building activity into your lifestyle. We call it the perfect mash up of having fun and working out. We realize that if you have your favorite music going on while you’re working out in a non-gym environment (I mean a large open space, plenty of light, easy parking space, good location) and with a help of a good trainer, this can do wonders to your mind and body. That’s where we come in.

2) What are the benefits of dancing?

Benefits of dancing are endless. For the body – benefits include weight loss, toning, strengthening the core and muscles, increase stamina and improves flexibility and blood circulation. For the mind – It’s one of the best natural anti-depressants and can be very therapeutic too.

3) How is fitness incorporated in the dances?

When we teach technical classes such as contemporary form, regular warm up and stretching sessions are a part of the class. Ofcourse teaching dance is physical movement which done regularly is part of a fitness routine.

Having said that, we have specialized sessions for those who are primarily interested in taking classes for fitness or weight loss reasons such as Zumba, MADx and private lessons.

4) You have fitness specific dance classes such as Zumba, MADx, personal training sessions & Bhangra. Please explain what these classes are and how they are different?

Other than the dance workshops and classes that we teach, we also have dance –fitness programs that are targeted to losing weight for any age and any size person with any stamina level.

Zumba is good cardio. We also have our own programs such as MADx (the Bollywood fitness) that is 30 minutes cardio, and 20 minutes floor exercises or weights. Its almost losing 400 to 600 calories in that one hour. Which is quite a lot! We regularly do Bhangra workshops that’s again extremely high energy dancing on Bhangra music for non stop 1.5 hours straight.

That’s not it – we have one to one personal trainings to create a program according to one’s body needs. This is for those who do not want a group session and want a target or goal that they want to achieve in less time.

5) What are your top 3 tips for people who want to try a dance fitness class but are nervous?

Tip 1: When you walk in your first day, don’t bother putting up with others. Do as much as you can and enjoy the process. The fact that you made it to class is your win.

Tip 2: It’s happened with me many times when I feel that all others are much better than me. Why should I go anyway? But I realized that others don’t matter. Its our inner doubts that serve as a barrier. So ignore your inner demon and just go for it! There is a 99% chance you won’t regret your decision afterwards.

Tip 3: Dress appropriately. For eg- not having sport shoes, a water bottle or not wearing a sport Bra can affect your mood and elevate your fear in the class. If you go prepared, you will be able to focus on the class and improve over time. But most importantly remember to have a good time!


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