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1) In Shape Ladies Fitness club isn’t just a gym, you offer group classes as well. In your group classes, how do you accommodate varying skill and fitness levels?

In Shape Ladies Fitness Club is a boutique gym which means that it has a personal approach to women’s fitness for the simple reason that all our group fitness classes are not pre-choreographed workouts and also our classes are never over crowded. This makes it easy to keep an eye out for women who need assistance or instruction during the class. All our classes are designed by a team of very experienced trainers who have great insight and knowledge of the local demography we specifically cater for. Women of different fitness levels can attend all our classes because we can very easily modify exercises on the spot without disrupting the flow of the workout. Women feel that they are continuously receiving the personal care needed to motivate and encourage them to be active, fit and healthy.

2) As a personal trainer, how important is nutrition to you in creating a client’s regimen? Do you create a meal plan for them or just guide them on the right foods to eat?

As a personal trainer it is my duty to teach, instruct and educate. That means that anyone embarking on a fitness lifestyle or otherwise, nutrition is the corner stone of being healthy and fit. A properly structured nutrition plan is an essential and integral part of achieving specific goals whether it is fat loss or building lean muscle mass.

Macro nutrients, portion control and food choices are discussed to ensure the proper implementation of a healthy clean diet which is directed towards achieving the desired goal!!

Every client goes through a Body Composition Analysis that allows us to gauge fat%, Free Fat Mass% and (BMR) Basel Metabolic Rate which we use to create the perfectly balanced nutrition plan that gives the client a basic general guidelines on when to eat and what to eat!

3) What are your thoughts about organic food? What are your thoughts on a vegan diet? Do these really help in weight loss and fitness?

Going organic or following a vegan diet has no impact on weight loss and fitness! It is a personal choice. As long as the same guidelines are followed to create the optimal nutrition plan, then weight loss and general fitness will be achieved.

4) You’ve recently started group personal training classes. What was the motivation behind that and how does this help women?

Actually, it was only after I researched it and found that it is the fastest growing fitness trend in the rest of the world but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be something that has been picked up in Dubai.

It is both cost effective, fun, motivating and gets amazing results. Groups are usually between 3-6 people and the trainer does not participate in the workout as in group fitness classes but focuses all her attention on the group in hand! Essentially it is “Personal Training” at one third of the cost.

5) What are 3 essential exercises you suggest for all clients?

When it comes to essential exercises it really isn’t easy to determine but I would say the plank for core stabilization, the push up for upper body strength and squats for the lower body!

6) In your 25 years of fitness knowledge and experience, what are a few misconceptions that people have towards fitness?

I think the BIGGEST misconception is the fact that the fitness industry is centred around weight loss!! Fitness in a nutshell is about how the body functions and the main components of fitness are Muscular Strength, Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition. So if a person successfully over time builds all these components to the required levels and couples it with a sound nutrition plan then we can confidently say that gradual realistic fat loss is possible.

The next misconception is that weight training creates bulky muscles, which is a virtual impossibility in natural body building. This is mainly because women don’t have enough testosterone levels. Also, female hormones are not considered very muscle bulking material!

When we workout we CAN”T spot reduce fat. Where we store FAT or LOSE it is predisposed by our genetics. Ladies! Fat can’t change into muscle because they are completely different cells! You can lose fat and build lean muscle mass.

All women must remember that a muscle that isn’t targeted through resistance training will look like a tyre with a puncture flat and flabby. Whereas, a trained muscle will look tensed, pumped up and shaped like a tyre that’s good to go! I personally hate the “punctured” look! Give me “pumped” look anyday!

About Laila Lallas

Laila is the owner and founder of “In Shape Ladies Fitness Club” and has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the last twenty years. It has been her passion to be able to relate the importance of making fitness an integral part of people’s lives, especially women.

She is a certified group fitness instructor and over the years has designed several modules of her strength circuit class Body Shape-N-Tone and Tae Bo Cardio Kick, a low impact high intensity workout. She is also a certified personal trainer with ISSA, a weight management consultant with ACE and has trained in functional training, Bosu Balance trainer, Swiss Ball, Anti Natal exercise and many more.

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