Yoga Ashram


1) What sets you guys apart from other yoga studios?

We are different from other studios in that we offer authentic yoga sessions which don’t just focus on Asanas but on breathing and meditation too. We also offer the International Programs by Art of Living and International Association of Human Values ie. Happiness Program for adults and similar program for kids and teens. We also offer prenatal yoga, yoga for kids and beginner and advanced classes.

2) In a nut shell what are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga among its numerous benefits, can greatly enhance your awareness and alertness. It allows you to be present in the moment, be calm and work in a most productive way in the moment. This is especially important in our daily lives where we are constantly stressed and always on the go. Yoga helps to bring you back to the moment which can help you be effective at anything and everything you do

3) Can people who have no experience in yoga take classes at your studio?

Yoga is for everybody and its most definitely for those who at times feel intimidated and afraid of trying. To help those that are scared to start yoga we have beginner classes at the studio.

4) We would like your top 3 tips to anybody who wants to start yoga but unsure of how to go about it.

  1. Attend a Sri Sri Yoga Class near you as it is gentle yet works on the mind and the breath
  2. Always be with your own experience, never compare yourself to others or judge yourself. The body is changing all the time and if today you can’t do the asana, in the future you will be able to do it.
  3. Regular practice and being patient with yourself. Just start and enjoy the practice.

5) What are the different types of yoga offered at Yoga Ashram and what are the differences?

All yoga is derived from Hatha. A more dynamic form of practice is called Vinyasa. Mixed-Style Yoga is when the teacher mixes several styles and puts in his/her own characteristics to make it unique.

Our Iyengar or Traditional Hatha with props is popular as it is great in correcting your alignment. Sri Sri Yoga is gentle, yet very relaxing and great in bringing the body back to its natural balance with the mind and breath.

We are especially proud of our Yoga Therapy sessions for various ailments like diabetes, high BP and arthritis to name a few and the kids and teens yoga is also becoming popular.


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