Full Circle Body Fitness


1) What is EMS?

Fitness has evolved and just 20 minutes a week is all it takes to build and maintain a strong, athletic physique in a fraction of the time. At EMS / Full Circle Body Fitness you can burn up to 800 calories in an average workout session while losing weight, increasing muscle mass, activating dormant muscles and speeding up your metabolism. EMS also assists you in feeling more energized and less stressed which is essential in today’s face paced work environment.

You can accomplish YOUR fitness objectives in only 20 minutes per week through notable EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulus) innovation.  You will immediately start experiencing all the fat consuming and muscle building advantages that you would experience with up to 4 hours of standard training in a conventional gym center through only 20 minutes.

Electric Muscle Stimulus has been utilized for ages and in light of innovative generations has of late turned out to be more accessible.

It’s time to get one step closer to your fitness goals!

Aim high and become the fittest person!

2) Why should people use EMS versus joining a regular gym?

Getting up off your seat and partaking in standard physical activity one of the most essential things you can do to ensure you stay healthy. An old age inquiry, which appears to have no clear answer, is what motivates individuals to move? In the event that this inquiry could be replied, we can have less weight related issues. Finding a physical activity schedule that works for you is a mind-blowing feeling. Nothing compares to being inspired to gear up and get to work.

Full Circle is the answer to all the problems. If you don’t care to go to GYM, no time, occupied, absence of inspiration, back agony – all of that can be solved by EMS Training at Full circle body wellness and you can accomplish your objectives, feeling considerably more beneficial, vigorous, energetic and cheerful.

3) What set’s your facility apart from the others offering EMS

We utilize the most recent innovation in the market, which is the X body, where you can exercise with wireless gadget. Any kind of workout that you do for example cardio work out, with the use of the wireless gadget you can accomplish a greater amount of cardio benefits and the flexible movements on your training.  X Body / Full circle EMS Training is the world’s speediest and most productive EMS training. You achieve all your wellness objectives with your fitness coach in just 20 minutes once every week.

4) What are the benefits of EMS?

Some of the major benefits include:

  • Weights loss: Full circle body wellness/EMS provides the quickest method to burn out not less than 800 calories in only 20 minutes, transforming your body to burn calories up to 3 days after the sessions.
  • Muscles Gain: EMS can contract 92% of body muscles with highest intensity and you can attain strong muscles and cardinally change your self-perception. Likewise utilizing Full circle EMS you will develop muscles since EMS goes further deep into the muscles and break the muscle to more prominent degree than the typical regular workouts.
  • Back pain: Full circle body wellness/EMS encourages you to strengthen the profound muscles around your spine.
  • Knee pain: Full circle Body fitness / EMS training is a specific training to improve your knee condition.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Full circle body fitness offers you the quickest way to a healthy lifestyle. Just 20 minutes once a week ensures you the recommended excise in order to stay fit, be invigorated and have a satisfactory way of life, likewise add to your physical and mental wellbeing. EMS training will activate all your 650 muscles, Increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, cholesterol (fat from the blood) and improve blood circulation.

5) Are there any side effects or drawbacks?

The concept of Electric Muscle Stimulation has been used successfully for decades and in recent years this full body application of the technology has become very popular globally and the secret weapon of professional athletes, supermodels, celebrities and technologically savvy individuals across the globe.

Wearing the specialized wireless EMS Training Suit while doing exercise, we stimulate and activate all the muscles in the body penetrating deeply, ensuring faster results, in creased recovery times and a higher release of Human growth hormone leading to greater cellular regeneration.

So to answer to your question there are no side effects at all.

6) What are your top 3 tips for people who want to try EMS but are nervous?  

  1. Scientifically proven that there is no side effect; the technology developed for physiotherapy
  2. Results are visible in a very short space of time; with most people feeling and seeing the change in their bodies begin within 2 sessions.
  3. By removing heavy weights and impact on the joints – clients can safely enjoy all the benefits of long hours in the gym while saving their most previous commodity – TIME. Just 20 min per week all you need.

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