Full Circle Body Fitness


1) What is EMS?

Fitness has evolved and just 20 minutes a week is all it takes to build and maintain a strong, athletic physique in a fraction of the time. At EMS / Full Circle Body Fitness you can burn up to 800 calories in an average workout session while losing weight, increasing muscle mass, activating dormant muscles and speeding up your metabolism. EMS also assists you in feeling more energized and less stressed which is essential in today’s face paced work environment.

You can accomplish YOUR fitness objectives in only 20 minutes per week through notable EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulus) innovation.  You will immediately start experiencing all the fat consuming and muscle building advantages that you would experience with up to 4 hours of standard training in a conventional gym center through only 20 minutes.

Electric Muscle Stimulus has been utilized for ages and in light of innovative generations has of late turned out to be more accessible.

It’s time to get one step closer to your fitness goals!

Aim high and become the fittest person!

2) Why should people use EMS versus joining a regular gym?

Getting up off your seat and partaking in standard physical activity one of the most essential things you can do to ensure you stay healthy. An old age inquiry, which appears to have no clear answer, is what motivates individuals to move? In the event that this inquiry could be replied, we can have less weight related issues. Finding a physical activity schedule that works for you is a mind-blowing feeling. Nothing compares to being inspired to gear up and get to work.

Full Circle is the answer to all the problems. If you don’t care to go to GYM, no time, occupied, absence of inspiration, back agony – all of that can be solved by EMS Training at Full circle body wellness and you can accomplish your objectives, feeling considerably more beneficial, vigorous, energetic and cheerful.

3) What set’s your facility apart from the others offering EMS

We utilize the most recent innovation in the market, which is the X body, where you can exercise with wireless gadget. Any kind of workout that you do for example cardio work out, with the use of the wireless gadget you can accomplish a greater amount of cardio benefits and the flexible movements on your training.  X Body / Full circle EMS Training is the world’s speediest and most productive EMS training. You achieve all your wellness objectives with your fitness coach in just 20 minutes once every week.

4) What are the benefits of EMS?

Some of the major benefits include:

  • Weights loss: Full circle body wellness/EMS provides the quickest method to burn out not less than 800 calories in only 20 minutes, transforming your body to burn calories up to 3 days after the sessions.
  • Muscles Gain: EMS can contract 92% of body muscles with highest intensity and you can attain strong muscles and cardinally change your self-perception. Likewise utilizing Full circle EMS you will develop muscles since EMS goes further deep into the muscles and break the muscle to more prominent degree than the typical regular workouts.
  • Back pain: Full circle body wellness/EMS encourages you to strengthen the profound muscles around your spine.
  • Knee pain: Full circle Body fitness / EMS training is a specific training to improve your knee condition.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Full circle body fitness offers you the quickest way to a healthy lifestyle. Just 20 minutes once a week ensures you the recommended excise in order to stay fit, be invigorated and have a satisfactory way of life, likewise add to your physical and mental wellbeing. EMS training will activate all your 650 muscles, Increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, cholesterol (fat from the blood) and improve blood circulation.

5) Are there any side effects or drawbacks?

The concept of Electric Muscle Stimulation has been used successfully for decades and in recent years this full body application of the technology has become very popular globally and the secret weapon of professional athletes, supermodels, celebrities and technologically savvy individuals across the globe.

Wearing the specialized wireless EMS Training Suit while doing exercise, we stimulate and activate all the muscles in the body penetrating deeply, ensuring faster results, in creased recovery times and a higher release of Human growth hormone leading to greater cellular regeneration.

So to answer to your question there are no side effects at all.

6) What are your top 3 tips for people who want to try EMS but are nervous?  

  1. Scientifically proven that there is no side effect; the technology developed for physiotherapy
  2. Results are visible in a very short space of time; with most people feeling and seeing the change in their bodies begin within 2 sessions.
  3. By removing heavy weights and impact on the joints – clients can safely enjoy all the benefits of long hours in the gym while saving their most previous commodity – TIME. Just 20 min per week all you need.

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Yoga Ashram


1) What sets you guys apart from other yoga studios?

We are different from other studios in that we offer authentic yoga sessions which don’t just focus on Asanas but on breathing and meditation too. We also offer the International Programs by Art of Living and International Association of Human Values ie. Happiness Program for adults and similar program for kids and teens. We also offer prenatal yoga, yoga for kids and beginner and advanced classes.

2) In a nut shell what are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga among its numerous benefits, can greatly enhance your awareness and alertness. It allows you to be present in the moment, be calm and work in a most productive way in the moment. This is especially important in our daily lives where we are constantly stressed and always on the go. Yoga helps to bring you back to the moment which can help you be effective at anything and everything you do

3) Can people who have no experience in yoga take classes at your studio?

Yoga is for everybody and its most definitely for those who at times feel intimidated and afraid of trying. To help those that are scared to start yoga we have beginner classes at the studio.

4) We would like your top 3 tips to anybody who wants to start yoga but unsure of how to go about it.

  1. Attend a Sri Sri Yoga Class near you as it is gentle yet works on the mind and the breath
  2. Always be with your own experience, never compare yourself to others or judge yourself. The body is changing all the time and if today you can’t do the asana, in the future you will be able to do it.
  3. Regular practice and being patient with yourself. Just start and enjoy the practice.

5) What are the different types of yoga offered at Yoga Ashram and what are the differences?

All yoga is derived from Hatha. A more dynamic form of practice is called Vinyasa. Mixed-Style Yoga is when the teacher mixes several styles and puts in his/her own characteristics to make it unique.

Our Iyengar or Traditional Hatha with props is popular as it is great in correcting your alignment. Sri Sri Yoga is gentle, yet very relaxing and great in bringing the body back to its natural balance with the mind and breath.

We are especially proud of our Yoga Therapy sessions for various ailments like diabetes, high BP and arthritis to name a few and the kids and teens yoga is also becoming popular.


In Shape Ladies Fitness Club

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1) In Shape Ladies Fitness club isn’t just a gym, you offer group classes as well. In your group classes, how do you accommodate varying skill and fitness levels?

In Shape Ladies Fitness Club is a boutique gym which means that it has a personal approach to women’s fitness for the simple reason that all our group fitness classes are not pre-choreographed workouts and also our classes are never over crowded. This makes it easy to keep an eye out for women who need assistance or instruction during the class. All our classes are designed by a team of very experienced trainers who have great insight and knowledge of the local demography we specifically cater for. Women of different fitness levels can attend all our classes because we can very easily modify exercises on the spot without disrupting the flow of the workout. Women feel that they are continuously receiving the personal care needed to motivate and encourage them to be active, fit and healthy.

2) As a personal trainer, how important is nutrition to you in creating a client’s regimen? Do you create a meal plan for them or just guide them on the right foods to eat?

As a personal trainer it is my duty to teach, instruct and educate. That means that anyone embarking on a fitness lifestyle or otherwise, nutrition is the corner stone of being healthy and fit. A properly structured nutrition plan is an essential and integral part of achieving specific goals whether it is fat loss or building lean muscle mass.

Macro nutrients, portion control and food choices are discussed to ensure the proper implementation of a healthy clean diet which is directed towards achieving the desired goal!!

Every client goes through a Body Composition Analysis that allows us to gauge fat%, Free Fat Mass% and (BMR) Basel Metabolic Rate which we use to create the perfectly balanced nutrition plan that gives the client a basic general guidelines on when to eat and what to eat!

3) What are your thoughts about organic food? What are your thoughts on a vegan diet? Do these really help in weight loss and fitness?

Going organic or following a vegan diet has no impact on weight loss and fitness! It is a personal choice. As long as the same guidelines are followed to create the optimal nutrition plan, then weight loss and general fitness will be achieved.

4) You’ve recently started group personal training classes. What was the motivation behind that and how does this help women?

Actually, it was only after I researched it and found that it is the fastest growing fitness trend in the rest of the world but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be something that has been picked up in Dubai.

It is both cost effective, fun, motivating and gets amazing results. Groups are usually between 3-6 people and the trainer does not participate in the workout as in group fitness classes but focuses all her attention on the group in hand! Essentially it is “Personal Training” at one third of the cost.

5) What are 3 essential exercises you suggest for all clients?

When it comes to essential exercises it really isn’t easy to determine but I would say the plank for core stabilization, the push up for upper body strength and squats for the lower body!

6) In your 25 years of fitness knowledge and experience, what are a few misconceptions that people have towards fitness?

I think the BIGGEST misconception is the fact that the fitness industry is centred around weight loss!! Fitness in a nutshell is about how the body functions and the main components of fitness are Muscular Strength, Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition. So if a person successfully over time builds all these components to the required levels and couples it with a sound nutrition plan then we can confidently say that gradual realistic fat loss is possible.

The next misconception is that weight training creates bulky muscles, which is a virtual impossibility in natural body building. This is mainly because women don’t have enough testosterone levels. Also, female hormones are not considered very muscle bulking material!

When we workout we CAN”T spot reduce fat. Where we store FAT or LOSE it is predisposed by our genetics. Ladies! Fat can’t change into muscle because they are completely different cells! You can lose fat and build lean muscle mass.

All women must remember that a muscle that isn’t targeted through resistance training will look like a tyre with a puncture flat and flabby. Whereas, a trained muscle will look tensed, pumped up and shaped like a tyre that’s good to go! I personally hate the “punctured” look! Give me “pumped” look anyday!

About Laila Lallas

Laila is the owner and founder of “In Shape Ladies Fitness Club” and has been actively involved in the fitness industry for the last twenty years. It has been her passion to be able to relate the importance of making fitness an integral part of people’s lives, especially women.

She is a certified group fitness instructor and over the years has designed several modules of her strength circuit class Body Shape-N-Tone and Tae Bo Cardio Kick, a low impact high intensity workout. She is also a certified personal trainer with ISSA, a weight management consultant with ACE and has trained in functional training, Bosu Balance trainer, Swiss Ball, Anti Natal exercise and many more.

Mad About Dance Studio


1) Tell us a bit about MAD and what sets you guys apart from other studios

MAD (Mad About Dance) is a personalized and light-hearted approach to building activity into your lifestyle. We call it the perfect mash up of having fun and working out. We realize that if you have your favorite music going on while you’re working out in a non-gym environment (I mean a large open space, plenty of light, easy parking space, good location) and with a help of a good trainer, this can do wonders to your mind and body. That’s where we come in.

2) What are the benefits of dancing?

Benefits of dancing are endless. For the body – benefits include weight loss, toning, strengthening the core and muscles, increase stamina and improves flexibility and blood circulation. For the mind – It’s one of the best natural anti-depressants and can be very therapeutic too.

3) How is fitness incorporated in the dances?

When we teach technical classes such as contemporary form, regular warm up and stretching sessions are a part of the class. Ofcourse teaching dance is physical movement which done regularly is part of a fitness routine.

Having said that, we have specialized sessions for those who are primarily interested in taking classes for fitness or weight loss reasons such as Zumba, MADx and private lessons.

4) You have fitness specific dance classes such as Zumba, MADx, personal training sessions & Bhangra. Please explain what these classes are and how they are different?

Other than the dance workshops and classes that we teach, we also have dance –fitness programs that are targeted to losing weight for any age and any size person with any stamina level.

Zumba is good cardio. We also have our own programs such as MADx (the Bollywood fitness) that is 30 minutes cardio, and 20 minutes floor exercises or weights. Its almost losing 400 to 600 calories in that one hour. Which is quite a lot! We regularly do Bhangra workshops that’s again extremely high energy dancing on Bhangra music for non stop 1.5 hours straight.

That’s not it – we have one to one personal trainings to create a program according to one’s body needs. This is for those who do not want a group session and want a target or goal that they want to achieve in less time.

5) What are your top 3 tips for people who want to try a dance fitness class but are nervous?

Tip 1: When you walk in your first day, don’t bother putting up with others. Do as much as you can and enjoy the process. The fact that you made it to class is your win.

Tip 2: It’s happened with me many times when I feel that all others are much better than me. Why should I go anyway? But I realized that others don’t matter. Its our inner doubts that serve as a barrier. So ignore your inner demon and just go for it! There is a 99% chance you won’t regret your decision afterwards.

Tip 3: Dress appropriately. For eg- not having sport shoes, a water bottle or not wearing a sport Bra can affect your mood and elevate your fear in the class. If you go prepared, you will be able to focus on the class and improve over time. But most importantly remember to have a good time!


Sanjeev Krishna Yoga Studio

1)Tell us a little bit about SKY and what sets you guys apart from other yoga studios?

SKY is an institution of self-knowledge apart from all other stretches and postures that is generally understood at Yoga centers. What is self-Knowledge? A person will never say “I feel bored /life is boring,” if he or she has started understanding oneself. We human beings are a university by itself. Not understanding this uniqueness lands up in uneasiness in all levels, diseases in all aspects of health. If ignorant – we become a patient, if knowledgeable -we become the doctors for our own self. Learning / understanding and experiencing this knowledge to mature in wisdom and getting the best of every human life is why SKY stands as a unique institution than just the physical concepts of YOGA.

2) Many people think that yoga is just stretching and breathing, in a few words can you please summarize the essence of yoga.

Yoga is not just stretching and breathing. Yoga is the art to learn how to harmonize and manage oneself in daily life. To become a master to manage , self-health, family, professional life so that all other management in life attains success. Learning, understanding and practically implementing to maintain a balance in life is the essence of YOGA.

3) In your experience what ailments has yoga cured?

YOGA can cure many ailments, rest can only treat the uneasiness of others. Learning and understanding the source of the uneasiness by the individual alone can cure diseases. Hence uneasiness of the mind manifest as diseases having the source for all the psychosomatic ailments that the modern generations suffer.

4) Yoga is such a peaceful practice; can you explain to us what Kalarippayattu is?

A mother is said to be the greatest warrior when it comes to the protection of a child. Likewise, Yoga teaches the individuals to learn the art to self-management. Kalari, being a part of Yoga teaches the art to physically defend the physical body in adverse situation’s so life can be managed with confidence, courage, strength and fearlessness and this helps to develop the personality of the person at all levels.

5) Is yoga Nidra like hypnotherapy?

Yoga Nidra is the science and art to take away the deep impression set in the sub consciousness mind of a person. Hence this knowledge helps the individual to be guided to take all these phobias, neurosis, etc. from the sub consciousness mind and help the person to blossom to a beautiful personality and to help them succeed in life with all fullness.

6) We would like your top 3 tips to anybody who wants to start yoga but unsure of how to go about it.

Initially a person can start knowing about his

  1. body, by getting to learn hatha Yoga, the traditional method,
  2. his breath [breathing techniques]
  3. his mind [art of disciplining oneself with the practice of meditation]

and gradually learn the art of developing the knowledge of himself as a person and then master the art of self-management.

About Guruji Sanjeev Krishna:














Guruji, as he is affectionately named, is a Yoga Master & Guide based in Dubai, UAE. He learnt the ancient Wisdom of Yoga by thorough practice and training under the guidance of the highly skilled Yogis. Since the tender age of 12, he trained intensively with discipline, persistence, and passion and over the years began imparting the knowledge he gained onto others. In 2003, he formally started his own yoga institution in Dubai (Certified ISO 9001), which is now known as Sanjeev Krishna Yoga. Today, he stands distinguished from other establishments who focus around only “physical workout” by embedding the most crucial component of Yoga, which is the “Act of balancing”.


Experience the difference at A-Tone Fitness Lounge

1) Tell us a bit about A-Tone and what sets you guys apart from other studios

At A-Tone we have 3 workouts  – celebrity Pilates, cross-cuit and swing yoga.  We offer Yasmin’s secret to every Bollywood actress’ body, to help tone and change their body.  Cross-cuit is a circuit based training, only found at A-TONE, which helps in burning calories and changing the body type.  Swing yoga is yoga on a swing, great workout to really get that deep stretch in.

2) You have a Bollywood celebrity trainer as your co-founder- Why did you choose to partner with Yasmin Karachiwala?

We chose Yasmin as her method of Pilates is unique and different from others.  She has used her Pilates techniques on different celebrities such as Katrina Kaif, Depika Padokone, Alia Bhatt etc and transformed their bodies.  At A-tone our clients can have access to such workouts.

3) Given that she is based in India, what does she bring to the table and how does she influence the workouts?

All the Pilates trainers that are at A-TONE have been trained by Yasmin and follow her methods of Pilates.  She keeps visiting to refresh their methods so we have the most updates form of Pilates available here in Dubai.

4) You offer Yoga, Pilates and a hybrid workout called cross-cuit- can you explain what cross-cuit is and its benefits?

Cross-cuit is a form of circuit training, using weights and body weight workout.  It’s a combination workout working different body parts while adding in some cardio to push that heart rate up and really feel that burn, and eventually see that toned body

5) What are you top 3 tips for people who want to workout but don’t know where to start and which activity would you recommend they start with

Get a personal trainer.  Do not jump into a group class as you would be intimidated and feel pressured to catch up and can also lead to injuries.

Do a combination workout.  Mixing it up really helps the body work in different directions and keeps monotony at bay.  Do cross-cuit one day and Pilates the other, and throw in yoga once or twice a week to really see that body shape up.

Take one day as it comes.  Rome was not built in a day.  Slowly you will get fitter and stronger each day and see the change in your clothes and fitness levels

Finally, give yourself credit for starting, for making that change and not just dreaming about it!!  It’s the first step that counts the most.

In terms of how to start, Pilates is a great way to begin your workout journey.  It’s a mindful workout and not too harsh on the body.  It helps work those deep inner muscles and really burn those calories.  After this, the trainer can kick in some cardio and weights combination to keep the heart rate up and continue the burn.

Motion Ladies Fitness Center

Motion Ladies Fitness center is a boutique studio located in the heart of Jumeirah, with easy parking and a wonderful view of Burj Al Arab. It combines the latest equipment, qualified and passionate coaches and diversified classes making each workout fulfilling. You are invited to challenge yourself to become a fitter, healthier and happier you in a ladies only studio and to watch your body get transformed. Below are a few questions answered by the trainers at Motion ladies to give you a better understanding of the studio.

1)  Tell us a little bit about Motion Ladies, and what sets you guys apart from other fitness studios?

Motion, the “Fitness Villa”, is a community for Dubai Ladies to work on their lifestyle and reach their goals in a relaxing, supportive and cozy environment. Motion Fitness Center is not simply a gym; it is a home away from home, designed by women for women with an exceptionally welcoming energy, where comfort combines with great workouts, passionate coaches and diversified classes.

2)  You offer a booty barre class, a group barre class, and a total barre class- what’s the difference between all 3 classes

Booty Barre was founded by Tracey Mallet, being a dancer and PILATES teacher, she created sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses PILATES, YOGA and DANCE. An hour-long class consists of a dynamic warm up and upper bodywork, followed by 30 minutes at the Barre working in different directions with cardio blasts to keep the heart rate elevated. High energy music will keep you motivated to get in those last few reps!

Total Barre workout is an addition to the fitness world from Canadian Pilates factory STOTT. Incorporating Pilates principles with the ballet elements this workout strengthens and lengthens your body.

BARRE class has a more conventional approach on the client. Mix and match of ballet elements and old school fitness workout. Try all 3 and decide which your favorite is.

3) For those people who prefer to work out in gyms, why should they do group classes instead?

When working out in groups, you are surrounded by supportive, positive energy that motivates you to give every workout your all and finish the workout fully with every member of the group class.

4) What are the benefits of a varied workout?

It is proven that if you challenge yourself in different ways you will gain the most of it.      Focusing only on one type of exercise is not enough to be fit and healthy. For example, it would be ideal for you to work on your flexibility (yoga), cardio and strength and posture (Pilates). All of this you can experience in our beautiful studio.

5) Mat Pilates and reformer Pilates are both offered at your studio. What’s the difference between the two and which one is better?

One cannot say which is better as both are equally useful. Reformer is a Pilates machine that uses resistance springs to challenge your body while mat PILATES uses different props or your own body weight. Both focus on proper body alignment. Often clients combine these two so they don’t get bored easily.

6) We would like your top 3 tips to any lady trying to start her workout routine but unsure of how to go about it.

  • Set weekly goals for yourself.
  • Make sure your goals are realistic and clear.
  • Start slow and then gradually build up to more intense exercises.

Fitness Instructor at Motion:

Antonija Omeragic

Master of Kinesiology

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor

In her early age Antonija started to show interest for sport.  Her passion for the sport continued through college during her education at the University of Kinesiology in Zagreb, Croatia. University provided a firm foundation for an ongoing education in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Further education in Pilates (STOTT EDUCATION ) has been more than helpful in understanding human body and realizing the importance of good posture ( spine ). An on-going education is everything in the Health and Fitness Industry, and so, Antonija tries to keep up with the latest news and trends.